Why you might consider finding or deepening your yoga practice with me --

"Taking yoga with Elizabeth was a highlight of my pregnancy, and when I learned she was moving, I quipped that it dropped my desire for #2 significantly knowing that her prenatal classes would not be an option. I also took her prop series postpartum, and it has changed the way I think about my practice on and off the mat. Elizabeth has a rare style that is a perfect match for me. She is spiritual without being overwhelming, funny without being distracting, and knows how to push you in ways you did not think were possible. When I can someday get into headstand, it will be because she encouraged me to let go of the fear. If you want a teacher that somehow makes you feel valuable, empowered, and calm all at once I dare you to find one better than her. I hope my geographic loss is your gain!" - Marianne Lloyd, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ


"Elizabeth is an honest practitioner of yoga whose study is indicative of the true early masters.  Her dedication to the correct execution of asana, practicum, philosophy, and mythology is a well rounded resource that we are fortunate to have in yoga teachers during this exciting time of yoga popularity. Articulate and authentic, I would guide not only my clients to her classes, but also the teachers I have mentored in the past.  She has been dedicated and fun without skimping on the good stuff and I look forward to when we can study together again."  -Michael Hirshberg, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Yoga Athlete and academic, and Pittsburgh, PA's first Yoga Concierge, Pittsburgh, PA


I love Elizabeth's class!  When I attend weekly, the poses alleviate my lower back pain.  Elizabeth's knowledge of anatomy and alignment have allowed me to receive maximum benefit from poses such as forward bend, downward dog, and child's pose that I have been doing (incorrectly) for years.  Elizabeth is the most knowledgeable and skillful yoga instructor that I have encountered so far. - Beth Zeiss, PhD, Hispanic Literature, Spanish Instructor, De Paul University, Chicago, IL


Working with Elizabeth Gallo has changed the way I approach yoga.  Within her class students are encouraged to follow what their body tells them, and to accept how much, and how far we are able to go.  And within that moment, she reminds us to that everyone’s bodies are different – and that is a good thing.  

Whether I walk in feeling insecure, or highly self-critical, Elizabeth, from the moment the class begins, encourages nothing but love for ourselves, acceptance for how our bodies move and breathe, and she has a loving way in which she encourages us to further strengthen our practice.  Whatever I felt walking in melts away, leaving me feeling great, and grateful. - Leslie Brown, Executive Director, Piven Theatre Workshop, Evanston, IL