Some Children Are Left Behind

I had a delightful surprise comment to a post a few days ago, from someone who knows one of my poems.  It was published in a small literary journal written for and by teachers called The Teacher's Voice.  You can find out more about it here.  If you've ever wondered if it really is important to read to your children or speak with them, know that it is.  Model the use and beauty of language whenever and however you can; my experience as a high school English teacher showed me that this can't be underestimated.  One of my happiest moments as a mom (and writer and English teacher) was when my daughter first carried a book to me to read to her.  I almost fainted.  Anyway, here is the poem:

Fill In

The blanks are too numerous
and some can't be filled in.
I don't know if I can teach 
you this language, now, so late.
I don't know if I can teach you
that this is a middle without
a beginning that makes sense.
I can't fill the place of those
who left you here, like this --
I can't tell you everything
you missed while you weren't here.